UNIFORMS AT WHOLESALE PRICESDiscount uniforms for men, women and kids



It can be difficult to find quality, affordable uniforms for any type of service industry. Six Star Apparel and Uniforms has dedicated itself to filling this need for anyone who works as a chef, a housekeeper, or in the medical, industrial and security fields.


You will find a variety of uniform options for each industry. Our housekeeping uniforms come in a variety of styles and colors. There are aprons, pull-on pants, and service shirts for men, tunics for women and housekeeping dresses. All of the hospitality uniforms are laundry friendly; most of them are machine washable.

Six Star Apparel carries full uniforms for chefs as well: hats, pants, coats, cook shirts and aprons. Our butcher’s frock is machine washable, yet professional and stylish. Our cook shirt is made of heavy fabric and snaps closed. Our baker’s shirt contains no pockets, so you won’t snag or drop anything into your pockets while you’re working.

Six Star’s industrial clothing can be worn in even the harshest weather. You’ll find coveralls, balaclavas, earmuffs and hats for cold, winter weather. Other options available include a rain suit for wet days, safety vests, safety jackets and a variety of other options that can be worn during those warmer months.

There is something for every one of the occupations that can be found in the medical field. Six Star Apparel has the traditional scrubs, as well as scrub jackets, hospitality smocks and a variety of other smocks.


Every part of the security uniform is featured: shirt, blazer, sweater, pants – even the belt. The blazers are fully lined, machine washable, and can be worn by both women and men. The belts are 100% leather. The jackets are lined with extra insulation and are waterproof for unpredictable outside weather.

If you need embroidery for a professional and personalized look, please contact us.