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You can get quality yet affordable vests, pants, shirts and appropriate accessories right here at Six Star Apparel.


Six Star Apparel has been in business for 14 years, and during those years we've noticed that there are very few places you can buy classic dress apparel without emptying out your bank account. We are one of them. Our mission is to continue to provide a reliable shopping platform for men and women who need to buy  vests, pants, shirts, ties, bow ties, cummerbunds and more without spending a fortune.

Six Star’s dress apparel can be worn at any special occasion: weddings, anniversary parties, proms. You can even use them as uniforms for waiters or caterers. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. You are sure to find something that will fit both your sense of fashion and your budget.

Not only are the clothes budget-friendly, they are also fashion-forward. If you really want to stand out, browse the entire line of matching bow-ties and vests. Do you need something a little more sophisticated? Ascot ties and rosette bow ties are also available.

Standing out and saving money are only two of the best features of our clothing. Most of the clothes featured on this site are also machine washable. If you have several special occasions to go to, or you need to attend them back to back, you’ll find it very refreshing to be able to wash your clothes. It can save you more time and money, as opposed to renting a tux, or buying one and having it dry cleaned after each occasion you wear it.

The same thing applies to most of the dress apparel for the ladies. Six Star Apparel’s vests for women feature classy, chic designs. They can easily be paired with dress gloves, tops and accessories.